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Does your church want to reach out to your local neighbourhood? Do you want to grow wellbeing and connections in your community? Do you want to grow a church that is accessible and inclusive for disabled people? Are you passionate about seeing everyone sharing their gifts and strengths?

Until Summer 2020, Livability’s Community Engagement team developed resources around wellbeing and mental health, dementia, disability, and community engagement. These are free to download, below.

Mental health and wellbeing studies for small groups

Lifting the Lid is a six week Bible study course focused on faith and mental health. Created with small groups in mind, drawing on well-known Bible stories, it’s a study resource to help churches explore the topics of emotional and mental wellbeing, using the Bible as a guide.

Together for Good is a five session resource for small groups exploring the themes of happiness, meaning and wellbeing. Each study focuses on a specific theme, inviting you to reflect on your experience, draw from the Bible, and then consider your response – both individually and as a church.

Dementia Inclusive Church

Travelling Together is a Dementia Inclusive Church guide. This practical resource will support churches to take their next steps towards dementia inclusion. It seeks to offer a strength-based approach and hope-filled outlook within what can be the most difficult chapter of a person’s life. A few small changes within a church context can add up to a huge difference.

My Faith Matters is a resource to support people living with dementia to maintain, reconnect with, and explore what brings meaning to their life. It provides guidance, suggested questions and a template for people to complete to record what matters to them.


More than Welcome guides your church in how to deepen relationships with disabled people and build a church where everyone belongs. Based on the idea of a journey – the resource will help your church go through three important stages, from a place of welcome, to inclusion, to participation.

Community Engagement

Make a Meal of It was developed in partnership with Christians Against Loneliness. It supports you to create a place of welcome in your neighbourhood through food.

Fullness of Life Together, Reimagining Christian engagement in our communities reflects on the way in which churches engage in their communities to respond to social need. It asks questions about the dominance of service delivery models in Christian community engagement and seeks to offer alternatives drawing on Co-production and Asset-Based Community Development.

Building Kingdom Communities serves as an introductory tool into practical theology, aiming to draw on experiences of each group member, encouraging conversations that lead to real change.

It is our hope that Building Kingdom Communities will highlight current challenges faced in community engagement, breaking down barriers between people and enabling transforming relationships shaped by reconciliation, sacrificial love, friendship and grace.

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