Times change and so do our residents’ needs
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We know first-hand how pioneering technology can make a profound difference to the wellbeing and quality of life for our residents

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Could help towards… providing technology such as laptops that enable residents to access online learning and connect with other students.

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Could help towards… modifications in residents’ flats, such as height adjustable surfaces, so they can live more independently and entertain guests.

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Could help towards… a voice for residents with speech impediments, such as a Stephen Hawking-style synthesis or eye-gaze powered technology.

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Sue has lived at our pioneering care home, Livability Brookside, for over 40 years. During that time, our residents’ needs have changed, so it’s vital that we keep changing with them.

When Sue first came to Brookside, she worked in the library and on reception, made artificial flowers with her fellow residents, and took herself to concerts.

“I remember the flowers we used to make. We made artificial roses and I’d decorate tins with them. I’d find that much harder to do today.” – Sue
Today, Sue keeps her mind active, but age is physically slowing her down and challenging her independence. Being in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy makes light-switches and doors harder to reach and control. This year, thanks to supporters like you, we’ve made pioneering technological changes at Brookside. But we still need to do more, and for that we need your help this Christmas.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy towards our residents is simple. Whether it’s being able to open curtains to let in the sunshine, making a cup of tea, or getting help quickly if you’ve had a fall, every part of your day should be free from extra worries and unnecessary dependence. Over the past months, we’ve worked with the residents to install new technology here at Brookside, helping to meet many of their challenges. We’ve provided Sue with voice command technology so she can turn the lights on and off by herself, open doors and operate her fan.

Our residents’ needs sound simple, such as being able to make a cup of tea independently. But in truth, they’re profound we all need to feel our independence, don’t we? It is only through your support that we are able to provide technology that not only enables residents to do everyday things like this but also supports more fundamental daily needs.

Innovative and pioneering approach

The innovative technology we’ve installed so far at Brookside is already improving the residents’ independence in all kinds of ways. Sue and many other residents use the new digital tablets to access the internet and feed their thirst for knowledge, or to share photos and connect with the community and loved ones. Residents are also more able to make a snack or hot drink for themselves because we’ve installed new adjustable-height kitchen counters for them. But we want everyone we support at Livability to have access to the same help as Brookside residents. We need to find ways to break the barriers to independence.

Livability is built on a strong history of pioneering and dedicated care. Until everyone we support has the independence and fulfilment they deserve, we mustn’t stop finding innovative solutions for them.

Thank you for your support

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