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After nearly five months of shielding to protect him from coronavirus, Livability York House resident Peter was finally able to meet his three sisters Susan (left), Anita (centre) and Tracy (right). Peter has been a resident at York House for seven years. He has epilepsy, having suffered a severe brain injury from a car crash when he was a young boy. Peter usually uses a wheelchair to get around.

His sister Anita describes their first meeting in early August: ‘It was absolutely wonderful to see Peter in person after all this time. As for Livability and what they've done for him, we couldn't have asked for more.’

When Peter was asked if he'd missed his siblings after such a long time, he replied ‘no, not at all’. Clearly, lockdown hasn't dented his sense of humour.

Support like yours has meant so much to families like Peter’s and has ensured that residents stay safe and well. But we still need your help to keep outstanding services like York House running for years to come, to care for disabled and vulnerable people

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£25 could help us to buy protective face masks to protect the disabled people we care for and keep their carers safe.

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£50 could help us to buy an Amazon Alexa, enabling residents to virtually connect with family and friends.

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Your donation could help provide personalised care, keeping disabled people healthy and mentally stimulated.

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Please donate to our summer reminder appeal. Disabled and vulnerable people need us.

We need you, so that we can be there for them.

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