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From Mikey’s inspiring and transformative story at Livability Maesbury Metals to our student's creativity and even romance at Livability, we have lots to share with you.

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Transforming lives

Livability Maesbury Metals is our metal and wood workshop, based in Oswestry, Shropshire, where every day the lives of disabled and vulnerable people are being transformed.

Mikey, 26, has epilepsy and has been coming to Maesbury for two years, five times a week. Coming from a little village with few people his own age, Mikey didn’t have many friends. Seeing this and watching Mikey struggle to get a job, his Dad encouraged him to visit Maesbury. Mikey explains: “My Dad was a welder too and gave me his welding mask. When I came here, I did my work assessment for welding and I really enjoyed it. I started making metal house numbers out of horseshoes. I want to do letters next.” Sadly, his Dad passed away recently but Mikey tells us: “I know I’ve made my Dad proud.”

Mikey has enjoyed learning valuable new skills at Maesbury and gets on really well with the team there: “Janet, our day manager, is perfect! She gives me great advice. I also love to work with Annie, my welding teacher. My confidence has really grown. I want to say thanks to them for teaching me to weld.”

Perhaps the best news is the number of new friends he’s made since coming to Maesbury: “I’m happier at Maesbury. I get on with most of the lads here. We’re all like brothers – best mates. I didn’t really have any friends before. This is my community.”

Students showcase their talents in Creative Arts Week

As Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art”.

Livability Victoria Education Centre ended the Spring Term with their 11th annual Creative Arts Week. The theme was ‘Discover, Innovate and Create.’

All classes were challenged to find out more about the artist Leonardo da Vinci and use his works to create their own artwork. This resulted in some beautiful pieces. Some of these were on display for our ‘Meet the Makers’ event which celebrated creativity in our services and was attended by our Patron, HRH Princess Anne.

During Creative Arts Week, students enjoyed comedy shows, workshops, mesmerising performances, fun magic shows, and beautiful storytelling.

On the final night we had the Big Bang Talent Show which allowed students to showcase their talents and skills. The judges at this event were astounded by the calibre of the performances. The results were very close but our winner was Alisha Messer who performed her very own musical composition called ‘A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That’. What an amazing show it was!

Finding Love

When Chris joined Livability’s day service in the East Midlands last year, he was hoping to make friends – but didn’t dream he would meet his wife-to-be.

Chris and Eileen have learning disabilities and are both supported by our services in the East Midlands area. When Chris met Eileen they got on really well and soon became close friends. However, things soon turned to romance and the couple began to date.

When Valentine’s Day arrived, the Livability team worked with Chris to put plans in place for a very special lunch at a local pub. He wanted to propose to Eileen! Service Manager Mandy Himpson told us that “Chris had been practicing his proposal in the taxi to the pub. Once the meal had finished, Chris asked Eileen to marry him, and she said yes!”

So, what does Chris love about Eileen? “She’s a lovely girl and I think the world of her.” Holding Chris’ hand, Eileen tells us her thoughts in return: “I think Chris is wonderful. I miss him when he’s not here. We’re getting married soon because I love him.”

Since proposing Chris has planned to move closer to Eileen so they can see each other more and plan their big day together! We wish them the best of luck in these plans and look forward to the big day.

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