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Dementia Inclusive Church: Responding to challenge with compassion

At Livability we believe that churches have a unique opportunity to support and encourage those living with dementia. By responding to crisis and challenge with compassion and care, we can help to create communities where those living with dementia can continue to take part.

To mark the launch of our new resource, we would like to invite you to an informal workshop on Tuesday 19th May 2020 exploring how churches might continue to respond to the challenge of what it means to live with dementia, with compassion, connection and creativity.

As Christians we are called to hope, and in this, we can show a willingness to journey alongside one another, whether this is in person, over the phone, or online. We are not told that life will be easy or problem-free, but we are told that God is with us on the journey, in the good times and equally in the difficult times.

Through ongoing practical, pastoral and prayerful support, church families can show people living with dementia and carers they have not been forgotten, rather they are loved, valued and included as part of the body of Christ.

…the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’  (Matt 25:40, The Message translation)

Each week more and more resources are being developed to support people living with dementia, and their support networks, to live as well as possible during this time of uncertainty and challenge. We have gathered together some of our favourite resources, and we are keen to share these widely. The resources we are sharing focus on maintaining or developing quality relationships with church family members who are living with dementia, as well as supporting carers.

Our hope for our workshop is that you will be encouraged in your dementia inclusive ministry and will take away specific ideas to keep walking alongside people living with dementia, and carers with compassion, connection and creativity.

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